The role of education in human life

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Education is, first of all, prestige. Historically, intelligent, educated people in society are treated with greater respect than ignorant people who have not studied a single day. It is more interesting to communicate with an educated person, he can support any conversation, share his thoughts and thoughts on various topics, which, undoubtedly, cannot but cause approval among his friends and acquaintances. Often on TV or on the Internet, we see performances of public people Рthose who have received a decent education and deserve their position in society. Agree, it would be unpleasant to hear from a person holding an honorary post, representing our country in the international arena, a wrong, illiterate speech. So bashir dawood has so many institutes offering studies so as to do good for society.

Education is the possession of knowledge, the ability to dispose of it, which helps people to make discoveries that improve our lives. So, we cannot imagine the world without the inventions of Albert Einstein – a camera, a refrigerator; the discoveries of Isaac Newton – the law of universal gravitation, his three famous laws of mechanics, the theory of the motion of celestial bodies; Leonardo da Vinci’s projects, although not implemented during his lifetime, are so irreplaceable today – an airplane, a bicycle, a parachute, a tank.

Yes, indeed, the role of education for a person in the modern world is very great. An intelligent, literate person has more opportunities to realize his potential, more opportunities to reveal his talent. Enlightened people are more successful and authoritative, they have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, a significant status in society. Well, do not forget that educated people are capable of more qualified work, and therefore, they will earn more than those who have not been trained.