Leading Alternatives to Bodylastics Resistance Bands

Bodylastics have ruled this industry for such a long time that some may state there is no motivation to try and endeavor contrasting different brands with their appearing to be syndication. In any case, the main rivals all have something to offer that Bodylastics does not.

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Release cords

The most popular contender and likely your most logical option in case you are searching for an option to Bodylastics. Release cords were propelled a couple of years after bodylastics and have manufactured a notoriety that even Bodylastics ought to be threatened by. There are a couple of clear and some less-so focal points of utilizing Ripcords over Bodylastics. Most remarkably, Ripcords utilize a solitary handle framework. This model permits the client to quickly change among pressures and in this way get extraordinary Cardio benefits during their preparation.

Flex cords

This Amazon-Only has blasted onto the market in the number one spot up to Christmas this year. The development of the bands is fundamentally the same as that of Ripcords. Once more, they utilize single-handle lines so all the benefits are the equivalent in such manner. Be that as it may, being a spending brand the handles are only made of Plastic and hence are not even close as agreeable as either Bodylastic or Ripcords handles. This is, nonetheless, a genuine rival in the resistance-band advertise.


Slastix advocated a sheath innovation that covers the latex of the resistance band and is intended to be more secure as respects potential injury. The danger of injury however with any resistance band is slight, particularly because of breakage. You are bound to endure a shot in the event that you step off the string itself and endure draw back. This is more typical with cutting frameworks like Bodylastics than with single-handle ropes like Ripcords, Flex cords and Slastix.


The website Workouts have as of late made an attack into this market also with a spending brand that is intended to be a significant contender to Bodylastics. From the start, they do appear to be a practical other option, offering no different highlights and probably are similarly as flexible. What is more that would be fine; the strains you can accomplish are equivalent to with Bodylastics. Tragically anyway they are definitely not. In any case, this is the main significant downside.

Life saver

Life saver offers a scope of home wellness items. Everything from skipping ropes to strolling helps. Their resistance bands australia are positioned very high by Amazon which would demonstrate that they do get great deals. In any case, it is difficult to envision that they are extremely serious in this market. Maybe an absence of improvement lately has interfered with them, yet their structure is dated and there is little to cause you to pick this as a chief single-handle resistance band.