Blessed messengers in Disguise – A Gift of Herkimer diamonds

I have as of late been reminded that it is imperative to focus: nowadays things are only from time to time what they appear to be, and there are endowments from the Universe that come in numerous masks.  Half a month back, I was doing a 2-day Body Mind Spirit appears in Rochester, NY. Things were not working out positively, and clients were rare. On Sunday, not long after early afternoon, I was starting to play all the old tapes in my mind – gracious my god, I will need to get a ‘genuine occupation’, for what reason are things so hard, poor me, etc. Tapes I would like to believe were a relic of past times.

In this poor me winding, I saw a more established man remaining at my table. He looked somewhat harsh around the edges, and he asked me an inquiry about Herkimer diamonds.* I disclosed to him some of what I knew, and he pulled a huge Herkimer out of his pocket to show me. It was a delightful stone and he revealed to me he got them around where he lived. He at that point inquired as to whether I thought about Andréa precious stones.


Andréa gems are between dimensional precious stone healers put on the Earth for unmistakable purposes and found in Northern California. I told the man that I had once claimed one of these astonishing stones, yet that it had come back to its home measurement. He at that point left, to restore a couple of seconds after the fact with 3 Andréa gems. He put them in my grasp and now the remainder of the show became dull, and it was he and I remaining in some other spot. We represented a couple of more minutes of these odd monatomic glass precious stones. It felt like a test had been passed.

At that point something really astounding occurred. Still in the spot of no-reality, he pulled two brilliant Herkimer’s, each about the size of a clench hand, out of his herkimer diamond. I have never observed Herkimer precious stones in gold. He gave them to me and said set up them. I realized it was significant that I do this rapidly, so without deduction, I fit the two sorts out – they fit splendidly. I gazed upward into radiating eyes, and he said basically, they are yours. We stood grinning at one another for a minute more and afterward he appeared to evaporate.  It was a shocking minute all by itself, in any case, as these mysterious minutes will in general do, it uncovered itself to be multi-layered afterward. As I drove home the following day, I understood that 3/4 of my deals for the end of the week was made late Sunday after I got this brilliant blessing. The words keys to the realm continued humming in my mind.