The Kidnap Prevention Chain With Executive Protection Training

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The kidnap prevention chain is composed of various links. The first link is the Basis of prevention because without understanding the dangers, it is impossible to guard against them. And without understanding the threats that you are susceptible to, you cannot build secure kidnap prevention strategies. The next link in the Chain is concerned with increased awareness. This is a requirement for strategic avoidance because without awareness there cannot be preventative action, and without action there would be no protective remedy to the kidnap risks.

The next link in the Kidnap prevention chain addresses strategic prevention. This refers to the ability to successfully employ prevention techniques in an overseas business scenario. Technically sound enhanced awareness has to be established prior to conducting these busy prevention strategies and principles. You may need Professional help in approaching the kidnap dangers in the best way possible. The vast majority of risks can be addressed via the anti-kidnapping strategies and strategies found in this publication. One or several major risks may be tough to overcome with certainty. In such instances consider using technical executive protection personnel. In countries with a significant threat of kidnapping, executive protection from the site ensures mission success by enhanced security.

In countries with a Substantial threat of kidnapping, you might require the help of a security consultant to examine the in-house and make recommendations for safety improvements before going in. Find a vulnerability evaluation and safety audit of the residence to get an understanding of the dangers and proper safety protocol in regards to physical safety. This would include alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, protecting services and other countermeasures to decrease the risks. Maintain Safe Out There and Stay Low.

Do not doubt yourself or your company bodyguard qualifications. You should promote yourself by confidence and from your previous and current transferable strengths and experiences. Communicate your established credentials because of your prior knowledge and training. You need to show you clearly meet the required corporate performance criteria and that you are emotionally and physically up to the challenge of being a corporate bodyguard.